Counselor's Office

Better Business Bureau Scholarship – for Juniors and Seniors – Deadline is September 25, 2015

Linly Heflin Scholarship – Senior Girls – ACT of 23 required – Deadline is January 9, 2016

Troy University

Excellence in Leadership Scholarship

This award amount varies with a base amount starting at $8,000 total spanning over 4 years.

Requirements: 23 ACT/1070 SAT (CR & Math Only) & a 3.0 GPA (previously 22/1030)

Must submit a resume & submit the application


The Chancellors Award

  Full tuition

  Requirements: 28 ACT/1260 SAT (CR & Math Only) 3.5 GPA (previously 27/1220)


The Millennium Scholars Award

  Full tuition, traditional style room, and board

  Requirements: 32 ACT/1420 SAT (CR & Math Only) 3.7 GPA (previously 31/1380)

  National Merit Finalist/ Semifinalist


The University of Alabama First Scholars and Coca-Cola Scholarship - In the past they’ve had a completely separate scholarship application with a due date of February 1. Going forward these scholarships will be incorporated into the general scholarship application and will follow the same December 15 deadline. Please help me encourage your first generation college-bound students to apply for these wonderful scholarships! They can change a student’s life!

As a reminder, the UA Scholarship deadline is December 15 and they will accept the December ACT scores. Students must apply for admission to UA before they can apply for scholarships.

Updated admission and scholarship information for students planning to enroll at Auburn University for Summer or Fall 2016 are outlined below.

Incoming students must complete the scholarship application by February 10 to receive consideration for scholarships.

Students planning to receive consideration for scholarships must complete the admission application with all required materials received by the January 15 application for admission priority deadline. Students who elect to test after the December ACT and SAT test dates are advised Auburn University cannot guarantee scores will be received and processed by the February 10 scholarship application deadline.

The Technology Stipend has been omitted from the Spirit of Auburn Presidential Scholarship and the Academic Presidential Scholarship. National Scholars Presidential Scholarship recipients will continue to receive it.

The test score requirements for a Spirit of Auburn Presidential Scholarship have changed from 32-36 to 33-36 and for a Spirit of Auburn Founders Scholarship have changed from 30-31 to 30-32. This is a return to the original test score requirements when the program was first introduced Fall 2006 for students enrolling Fall 2007.

The award amount for a Spirit of Auburn Founders Scholarship has decreased from tuition, currently valued at $35,232 over four years at $8,808 per year, to $32,000 over four years at $8,000 per year. For 2015-16, the difference in award amount between a Spirit of Auburn Presidential Scholarship and a Spirit of Auburn Founders Scholarship is $808.

The award amount for a Spirit of Auburn University Scholarship has increased from $12,000 over four years at $3,000 per year to $16,000 over four years at $4,000 per year, an increase of $1,000 per year.

The name for Elite Scholarships is changing to Plainsman Prestigious Scholarships, and the Plainsman Prestigious Scholarship application deadline is moving from early January to December 1, which will require students to complete the application for admission by November 15 instead of December 1.

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