Dual Enrollment - Marion County High School has a strong dual enrollment program with Bevill State Community College - This year over 15 students are enrolled by Distance Learning with Bevill State taking college courses. These students are earning both high school and college credit. This is a great program and all students that qualify are urged to take advantage of all dual enrollment opportunities.  MCHS also has several student attending Bevill State each day earning career-tech college credits.  These student attend Bevill State each day and are getting hands-on experience while earning college and high school credits.  All of these students are getting ahead of the game by earning college credits while still in high school!

Marion County High School has been named by the governor to be an ACCESS School.  ACCESS stands for Alabama Connecting Classrooms, Educators and Students Statewide.  ACCESS is a distance learning classroom that will be able to deliver web-based, online courses with Interaction Videoconferencing to our students. 

We were one of the first hundred schools in the state that received  this technology in our school and be able to receive and transmit courses.  ACCESS distance learning provides courses such as Latin, Creative Writing, AP Calculus, AP U.S. History, AP Biology, Spanish, Physics, AP Calculus, and AP English.  The ACCESS program is a great opportunity for our students, school, and the future of our state.

For further information about the ACCESS program, go to

MCHS now has over eighty students enrolled in courses offered by ACCESS.  These courses provide much needed electives at our school. 

The following courses are being offered at MCHS this year:

  • AP Biology
  • AP Calculus
  • AP United States History
  • AP Psychology
  • Marine Science
  • Web Design
  • Health
  • Global Studies
  • French I
  • French II
  • German I
  • Latin I
  • Spanish I
  • Spanish II
  • Nutrition and Wellness
  • Creative Writing
  • Algebra II
  • United States History
  • Business Tech Essentials